Increased Dosage

Slight Trigger Warning   I had an appointment with the CAMHS doctor on Thursday afternoon where we spoke about the effects of Quetiapine so far. I explained that I hadn’t really noticed an effect on my mood and I had experienced only minor side effects and the drowsiness had worn off meaning that it was […]

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Sexual Assault

I don’t really know how to talk about this without giving too much away about the person and causing me the least hurt. I talk about Sexual Assault quite a bit mainly in a vague way as I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to talk about it as it is ongoing. I’m not good […]

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Amazing Mood

Guess who is in an amazing mood? THIS GIRL. I feel so powerful like I can take anything that is thrown at me so anyone trying to piss me off today better back off. I know it probably won’t last long but right now I don’t even care. I have a strong feeling it is […]

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I haven’t updated all week so I’m sorry for that. I’ve been having such a horrible week so far and it doesn’t look like it is going to get better any time soon. I’ve done loads of indescribably awful things to myself and I have a red raw throat from smoking constantly the past three […]

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Well I had a fun time on Saturday night/ the early hours of Sunday morning. I stayed round my best friend’s house as her parents were away for the night so I didn’t take my dose of Quetiapine until 5 in the morning as I didn’t want to fall asleep early. That was a very […]

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Christmas Spirit

Guess who’s in the Christmas spirit? Yesterday changed my view on life and also for now has made me want to live at least to be there for Christmas. I had the most perfect day in London with my best friend. We spent the whole day doing photography and we had lunch at Five Guys […]

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Just Say No

Just say no. It seems simple doesn’t it? Surprisingly, it’s not as easy to say as some may think. Not for me anyway. I have NEVER been able to say no. This has hurt so many people I can’t even count. But sometimes it has hurt me. I have got myself into so many situations where I […]

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