Well I guess I should start with introducing myself.

Here I am, a sixteen year old girl who goes by the name Charlotte, rarely leaves her bed and is moody pretty much all the time. Despite the teenage stereotypes, I have been told on countless occasions by many counsellors and doctors alike that it actually isn’t normal behaviour.

This blog is to show my road to recovery, the ups and (probably a lot of) downs.

The reason I’ve chosen the name ‘Regaining the Sparkle’ is quite simple actually. When I let my mental illnesses take over me, I lost the sparkle in my eyes and a lot of people noticed. If you’ve ever suffered with a mental illness, are suffering or know someone who is or has, you can probably relate to me about losing the sparkle and happiness that once belonged in your or their eyes. I want that sparkle back, I want to find joy in everyday activities again. I want to feel happiness. I need to feel happiness.

The Illnesses.

I made this blog because I’m too lazy to keep up with a diary (believe me I’ve tried) with all the writing so I thought it would be easier to type it. I’m also wanting to speak out about my mental health so others suffering don’t feel so alone. Furthermore so I can show the effects of medication and the environment I’m in and what that does to affect my recovery.

This is quite a short introduction as I’m not quite sure on what to include that you won’t hear about in later entries.



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