Now I for one have never been a massive fan of grapefruit or grapefruit juice. Don’t get me wrong, it is always nice to have every so often but I can’t say that it is something that has impacted my life on a daily basis.

However, in finding out that I can no longer drink grapefruit juice or eat a grapefruit has made me feel quite nostalgic, often leading me to think about the times I could quite happily lay around drinking a refreshing glass of grapefruit juice without the looming threat of death.

Death??? You hear me say. You heard right.

Reading over the instructions and details I get with my monthly prescription of Quetiapine it states:

“Do not drink grapefruit juice while you are taking Quetiapine tablets. It can affect the way the medicine works”

I thought to myself, ok so that is a no to anything to do with the consumption of grapefruits but since reading that I’ve been curious as to why it is not allowed and what is in Grapefruits that is not in other fruits. I decided late last night, when the medication was meant to be making me fall asleep, to do some research.

So, on one website it described why you cannot drink Grapefruit juice.

Taking one tablet with a glass of grapefruit juice is like taking 20 tablets with one glass of water, this is unintentionally overdosing. So it’s not surprising that these levels go from what we call therapeutic to toxic.

What I got from that is that I could unintentionally die from a grapefruit. Imagine that. Death by grapefruit.

Just imagine a conversation between two policemen

Policeman 1: “So, how did she die? Asphyxiation? A heart attack?”

Policeman 2: “Grapefruit”

Policeman 1: “Ah man that is a tough one, I have lost so many loved ones to the wretched grapefruits”

Speaking to my closest friend earlier about this, the first thing she said was “I would be kicked out of your funeral for laughing. Imagine if your cause of death was a grapefruit overdose”

You may have noticed that I am talking about my possible death quite lightly, making many jokes about it too. Do you blame me? It is hard not to make jokes about this, no matter how sensitive, when one of the only major warnings they give you with Quetiapine is to leave the grapefruits alone because they could possibly kill you unintentionally.

The grapefruits of this world may as well just be food assassins as you never know when they’ll accidentally swing by into ‘grapefruit-free’ fruit salads and knock you flying into the grave.

Seriously, it is not as if Grapefruits were a large part of my life but there is always a small grapefruit sized hole left in my heart when I am forbidden to have something. It is a bit like a child with a toy they never play with. Yes, they never play with it, they haven’t done in years, yet mention the prospect of dumping it down the local charity shop and suddenly that toy means the world to them just until they prove to you that they can’t live without it and then it gets dumped in the corner again – obviously until the next time you threaten to donate or sell it.

Anyway, away from the matter of my possible impending grapefruit death, tonight was my third night of taking Quetiapine and the first time taking it when I have been out. I decided to take a trip to my youth group at church tonight because I have not been in a while however I am ashamed to say my views still have not changed in three months and I am still unsure as to whether I believe that there is a God and he is watching over me because what kind of God makes someone suffer for so long even if it is to if he is still there? But anyway, I went along because I needed to get out of the house and it would be nice having some company. I arrived there about five minutes late but it did not matter as everyone was welcoming and just happy I managed to show up.

The topic that night was going over questions the youth had asked in relation to the topic of Sex and Relationships which we had been looking into in the previous term. It got to 9pm and just like the previous few nights my alarm went off to signify that it was time to take my daily dose. It was no problem taking it in front of everyone there, no one really paid much attention if I’m honest.

It was quite a sad evening for me though as one of my old close friends was there who I am no longer friends with and knowing that I am not a significant being in her life anymore deeply hurts me everyday since our fall out.

Anyway 15 minutes after I had taken my dosage of Quetiapine it was time to go home and I had decided to walk in the rain and rough winds for some stupidly odd reason. Halfway home I started experiencing a dull ache in my jaw – the kind you get after chewing gum for too long. I believe this to be a side effect to Quetiapine as I had not done anything else to get that kind of ache.

That was the only side effect I have experienced tonight besides a slight dizzy spell when standing in the shower.

Tomorrow will be my first day at school since I began taking this medication. It will be interesting to see if I can wake up on time due to the fact that whenever I have taken it, it has knocked me out for at least 12 hours. I guess you will find out in an update tomorrow as to how dealing with medication at school has been.

This is me signing off.



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