Random Happiness

No more thoughts of you today.

I am going to push everything that is making me sad out of my mind this evening and focus on being happy for at least one evening. I can do that right?

*relaxing meditation that becomes very unrelaxing the moment my sister storms in, knocking the door into my head*

I seem to be terrible at relaxing.

I must have looked like some complete idiot earlier in Waitrose. I went in looking for the blood orange Sanpellegrino (in case you didn’t know, this is my all time favourite drink and it’s the only thing I drink besides water – A sly hint for a lifetime supply of it for Christmas). Anyway, there I was walking towards the checkout and I stopped by the fruit juices. I saw like 5 rows of different Grapefruit juices and out of nowhere I started laughing just staring at the Grapefruit. Quite a lot of people around me were staring including the staff. I mean understandably, it was an inside joke and obviously no one would be thinking “Oh wow she’s laughing because the grapefruit juice can kill her.” That doesn’t tend to be the first thing that comes to mind. Their real thoughts were probably something more like “Quick let’s get her to the nearest psychiatric hospital!” I was thinking the same to be honest.

FullSizeRender (1)
That wasn’t even the whole of it. I went to checkout the Blood Orange and a rather attractive male staff member took me to a different checkout as I only had one item and when I went to give him the money, he touched my hand and I squealed. Trust me I have never walked out of a shop so fast in my life- apart from the time Kallum tried to make it look like I’d shoplifted.

So after that perfectly normal shopping outing, I then had to walk past a group of youths – they were most likely Year 9s and yet I am still intimidated walking past them.

“Come on Charlotte, you are a grown woman, you even bought your own supply of Blood Orange” I said to myself (I hope that wasn’t said out loud)

I could see them eyeing up my precious cans of Blood Orange I cradled in my arms like a newborn baby. I hurried past them and I was on my way… Obviously not before tripping over the goddamn curb.

I am literally a walking disaster.

OOOOOH another thing to be happy about. Tonight I have my weekly date at my best friend’s house to watch American Horror Story. How did I forget, I’ve been looking forward to the new episode all day. And her marvellous company of course. Even though she did ditch me at school today, but in her defence she was ill.

You know what would make my room better? Fairy Lights. I need to invest in some, it looks way too gloomy in here. It probably doesn’t help that the only light in here is fueled by the cheapest light bulbs that my dad can find. Its pretty much next to complete darkness in here.

I am unbelievably obsessed with Bring Me The Horizon’s latest album – That’s The Spirit. I wasn’t that into it at first but now I can’t stop listening.

Anyway this was just a post about random happiness I’ve thought about today. Hope everyone is having a super spectacular day, and if you are not, just think – At least you can enjoy a nice glass of grapefruit juice without the threat of impending doom.

This is me signing off.



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