Catch Up

Well after last night’s ‘episode’ I am feeling much more calm. I don’t even remember writing all of that yesterday so that freaks me out.

Okay, I lied when I said I was calm, I’m unbelievably stressed because of how much photography I need to do. If I’m marked as behind in the subject twice more, I’ll be kicked off the course and therefore kicked out of Sixth Form and that is the last thing I need.

Going completely off topic, I’ve just realised something. I made such a big deal about not being able to drink alcohol while on this medication but looking into it, all it really causes is severe drowsiness. Pretty much the worst thing about that is I could faint or have a fall and I’d be extremely tired so it’s not that severe symptoms. I’ll probably risk it for Christmas and my 17th birthday in January. I’m mainly annoyed that I can’t drink to forget everything and get rid of my problems for a while but I guess that is for the best.

I’m really in need of stronger medication, I know it is meant to take a couple of weeks to show a change but I’ve even stopped having side effects and its stopped knocking me out and it hasn’t even been a week yet.

And also, these pills are meant to stop hallucinations as they are anti-psychotics but last night I started having them again when I hadn’t had them in a couple of weeks.

Oh yeah, I hadn’t realised how many people told {X} about that post about him and he actually went on here and read it – that made for an interesting conversation. At least I’ve got closure now and I know that there is no chance of me and him getting back together at all and I’m hoping this will be enough to force me to move on because nothing else has worked.

This is more of a quick catch up post as I haven’t really got anything specific to write about yet.

This is me signing off.



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