Well I had a fun time on Saturday night/ the early hours of Sunday morning.

I stayed round my best friend’s house as her parents were away for the night so I didn’t take my dose of Quetiapine until 5 in the morning as I didn’t want to fall asleep early. That was a very interesting experiment. I was wide awake until 5am when I took the pill and ended up acting super hyper and overexcited. To put it simply I acted like a 9 year old boy who had drunk too many monster energy drinks on a sleepover and was now ‘buzzed’. It was wild. I ended up washing my hair at 4 in the morning just because I didn’t like the feel of it. Then I ran outside in the garden to ‘rescue’ a baby mouse that was being chased by the cat. I didn’t even care about the mass amounts of slugs I was treading on. I was saying things I’d never usually say and taking random risks for no reason. It was almost as if I was drunk and if not for the vast amount of snapchat stories I had put up, I wouldn’t have remembered a thing.

The next morning, after only receiving 3 hours sleep I was wide awake and stayed that way until Sunday night. It was like I had had a full 12 hours sleep, not 3. It felt brilliant though and I was in an amazing mood. A much better mood than how I felt when I woke up on this fine Monday morning after taking it as the usual time which is now around 11pm.

I’m not quite sure what happened with my sleep pattern but the feeling of taking my pill at 5am was amazing and put me in an incredibly good mood for most of the day.

In my opinion however, I think that eventually the lack of sleep will take its toll on me and will not be helpful on weekdays or in the long run.

This is me signing off.



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