Amazing Mood

Guess who is in an amazing mood?


I feel so powerful like I can take anything that is thrown at me so anyone trying to piss me off today better back off. I know it probably won’t last long but right now I don’t even care.

I have a strong feeling it is all to do with events that occurred yesterday. For one thing, my mother and I had a deep conversation about what has been happening and it was really nice to get things out in the open – even if she told me that she had known for ages.

I also decided to go out that evening to get some fresh air and meet some friends and obviously it was very cold -pretty much 7°c- but it was a beautiful evening. Before I might have stated that I had lost loads of friends and no one wanted to spend time with me but after last night, I’ve realised that I’d pushed away the friends who were always there.

I got to spend time talking to one of my closest mates Lucy, and we had a heart to heart about what we are both dealing with and she confided in me about something that she hadn’t told anyone before. We were sitting on a bench at the end of her road, Lucy in her dressing gown as she had not planned on being out for long – She thought I was only coming to borrow a lighter (desperate times). We’d been there for about half an hour when one of our mutually close friends turned up to see us. He stayed the whole time and then walked me home later that night after Lucy had gone home. By the time I got into the house I could not feel my feet at all and I felt like I had hypothermia in my knees. My hands were warm though as they had had someone else’s hands in them.

I pretty much skipped round the house in happiness when I got in and my parents looked at me in shock before proceeding to ask me if I had taken anything to which I then laughed and shook my head.

I went to sleep happy for the first time that night.


I’m in school during first period with Freddie (he wanted to be included aw) now and I am still in a spectacular mood and I feel like nothing can put me down. Don’t even try it.


This is me signing off.






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