Family at Christmas

Ah the Christmas holidays, or just the Christmas season in general. A time to be joyful and thankful for what you have and who you are. Man am I a hypocrite.

To put it in my words “the only point of Christmas is to drink as much as you can”. My parents were not too impressed when I came out with that one earlier. Nor were they impressed with my three second present wrapping skills.

Christmas brings everyone together.

There’s nothing like walking in to a room full of family members and seeing those wonderful jumpers with 3D snowmen noses jutting out of them. How delightful, not to mention the beautiful jumpers that light up or play poorly recorded Christmas carols out of buttons labelled such as “pull my cracker” or “yank my tail”.

What about being forced along to a younger sibling’s choir concert even though children singing is your worst nightmare. You do it anyway, because it’s Christmas, and you belong with family at Christmas no matter how dysfunctional you or your family may be.

Your dad yells at you for drinking because he has seen what it has done to your mother. Your mother cowers in the corner when she sees the same roaring flames in your eyes as in her husbands. Your sister hides in the cupboard upstairs when she hears you smash glasses in anger. Your brothers don’t visit anymore, they haven’t in years.

But this is still a family. We are still united. Whether it be only at Christmas or the entire year.

Even if there is someone missing from the dinner table this year, a grandfather, a mother, a child, family will always be united. Family is family.

Here’s something I’m challenging you too this Christmas, if you love someone, then tell them now. If I’ve learned anything this past month, it’s that you never know how much time you have left and if the next conversation you have with someone could be your last.

This is me signing off.



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