Coming to a Close

With 4 and a half hours left of 2015, I can say that without the few major hiccups along the way, this year has been pretty good. I made quite a few new friends (Some on the other side of the world, you know who you are) and I’ve lost a few friends as well which could eventually be for the better. I regained lost friendships and got rid of some toxic people. I did however, make hundreds of bad mistakes this year which I hope not to re-make in the new year as that would pretty stupid to be quite honest.

I’m ending this year with the people closest to my heart, my second family and for that I couldn’t be happier.

I thought, what would a New Year blog post be without cliche resolutions which I hope to stick to..Well here’s to hoping. So here they are:

  1. Don’t take your anger out on your little sister, or your mum for that matter.
  2. Always make time for Amber, she’s the bestest friend you could ever wish for.
  3. Don’t drink to forget something, it never works.
  4. Work hard, but don’t over stress about it. If you find yourself stressing so much you are going mad, stop, rest and explain it to your teachers.
  5. Stop drinking so many fizzy drinks and wear your god damn retainers. You didn’t have braces for no reason.
  6. Listen to your counsellor, don’t just ignore everything he’s saying.
  7. Start wearing your glasses more, you’re missing out on the world.
  8. Always take your camera out with you.
  9. Don’t stay with him if he’s treating you badly.
  10. Find a hair colour and stick with it for godsake. If you keep dying it you’ll have as little hair as your dad.
  11. If you’re feeling really low, talk to someone who makes you happy, don’t you dare keep it bottled up again.
  12. Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.
  13. Be nice. To everyone!
  14. ^However, if someone’s doing something even when you’ve told them to stop you have every right to be horrible to them.
  15. Stop using your dad’s credit card to order clothes every single day as a mood increaser, get some help.
  16. Stop spending all your money on false eyelashes.
  17. Fix your god damn eyebrows.
  18. Be happy.


Well, there ended up being more than I’d originally planned there to be. 18 resolutions as 18 is my lucky number. Thank you to everyone who actually reads these posts, it does mean something to me, even if you are just reading them to make fun of me – I know who you are.

Here’s to a happier 2016, a more confident 2016, a 2016 spent making memories with friends and family alike.

Happy New Year everyone. I love you all.


This is me signing off.




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