New start.. Yeah right 

Everything is going so wrong.

The start of my New Year has not gone the way I wanted it to and I have already messed a lot of things up.

Even at the end of the holidays I still have no motivation to do any work and school starts back tomorrow. This has me doubting whether things are ever going to get better. I have so much work to do for tomorrow but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I need to go back on medication again. Why did they take me off it? Why can’t they find answers sooner? I need answers. I need medication. I need to numb this ache, I need motivation.

At least returning to school will get me back in a routine rather than staying in bed every day and not bothering to get dressed. However it does mean I have to walk around school, bumping into people who thoroughly dislike me and just being too scared in general to do anything.

I wish I could concentrate on working.

I’m too sad to do anything.

I can’t do anything.

This is me signing off.



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